DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.1

The DataNucleus AccessPlatform provides persistence and retrieval of data to a range of datastores using a range of APIs, with a range of query languages.

When looking at competing software in this domain, the majority only caters for one type of datastore (RDBMS), and only one API. The few that do allow persistence to other datastores don't allow persistence with the same API. DataNucleus AccessPlatform is unique in that it allows access to the full wide range of datastores using both standardised APIs (JDO, JPA) allowing you the freedom to swap APIs and datastores based on your criteria, not on some criteria of the providers of the software. More than this, the range of supported datastores is vast, starting with traditional RDBMS, then also allowing object-based datastores, LDAP, standard document formats, as well as latest generation scalable map-style datastores. By using standardised APIs you no longer have to tie your persistence layer to some proprietary classes. AccessPlatform takes these standards one step further and allows JPA input data to be used with JDO API, or vice-versa ... flexibility found nowhere else. Additionally, DataNucleus is truly independent unlike all significant competing software that is associated with a large commercial organisation. It's time to free up your persistence layer

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.1 Checklist

If you find something that DataNucleus Access Platform can't handle you can always extend it using its plugin mechanism for one of its defined interfaces. Just look for the icon.