AccessPlatform : Migration between versions

This version of DataNucleus AccessPlatform builds on the 2.1 release, adding on more features around the currently supported datastores and supporting new datastores. All releases are checked regularly against the JDO/JPA TCKs, meaning that DataNucleus is always stable in terms of functionality. Occasionally, due to unknown bugs, or due to new functionality being introduced we need to change some aspects of DataNucleus. As a result sometimes users will have to make some changes to move between versions of DataNucleus. We aim to keep this to a minimum.

Migration from 2.2.0 Release to 2.2.1

Migrating from AccessPlatform 2.2.0 Release to 2.2.1 will require the following changes.

  • JDO 3.1 changes the return type of JDOQL "AVG" to be double or BigDecimal depending on the type being averaged (previously just returned the same type as the averaged type).

Migration from 2.2.0 Milestone3 to 2.2.0 Release

Migrating from AccessPlatform 2.2.0 M3 to 2.2.0 Release will require the following changes.

  • datanucleus-connectionpool is no longer provided/needed, and is included within datanucleus-rdbms . In addition, if using JDK1.6 you can use a builtin DBCP connection pool. You still need to include the relevant connection pool (e.g DBCP) in your CLASSPATH if using JDK1.5
  • If you experience different behaviour with delete of objects with Excel or ODF, this is because they now support cascade-delete
  • Major changes have been made to the use of the L2 cache (so that fields are used from there rather than from the datastore wherever possible) and also to Managed Relations. Please report any problems

Migration from 2.2.0 Milestone2 to 2.2.0 Milestone3

Migrating from AccessPlatform 2.2.0 M2 to 2.2.0 M3 will require the following changes.

  • Persistence property datanucleus.attachPolicy was removed since no longer needed - the default attach handler copes with all situations.
  • Much improved support for collections/arrays/maps containing nulls is now present to better match the Java spec for types. If any problems come up, make use of the "allow-nulls" extension metadata
  • JPA Criteria query annotation processor is now in its own plugin jar known as datanucleus-jpa-query
  • JDO Typesafe query annotation processor is now in its own plugin jar known as datanucleus-jdo-query

Migration from 2.2.0 Milestone1 to 2.2.0 Milestone2

Migrating from AccessPlatform 2.2.0 M1 to 2.2.0 M2 will require the following changes.

  • NucleusJDOHelper methods for getting dirty/loaded fields have been improved. Check the docs for the new method names.
  • JDO3.1 sequence changes allow specification of "allocationSize" and "initialValue". These default to 50 and 1 respectively. Set them for your sequences as required. The persistence properties now become only fallback values

Migration from 2.1.x to 2.2.0 Milestone1

Migrating from AccessPlatform 2.1.x to 2.2.0 M1 will require the following changes.

  • Legacy JDOQL implementation for RDBMS is now dropped. Use AccessPlatform 2.1 if you require it