DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.0

The DataNucleus AccessPlatform provides persistence and retrieval of data to a range of datastores using a range of APIs, with a range of query languages. Software for persistence typically only caters for one type of datastore, or one API. DataNucleus is unique in that it supports all standardised persistence APIs for a very wide range of datastores . DataNucleus is the only persistence software certified JDO compliant, whilst at the same time also being fully JPA compliant. DataNucleus is continually innovating and pushing capabilities forward, as well as continually pushing forward the JDO spec. DataNucleus gives you the power to swap persistence API, and datastore when you want to. In fact it allows JPA mapping data to be used with JDO persistence, and vice versa - another unique feature of DataNucleus. Time to take advantage of this power ...

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.0 Checklist

If you find something that DataNucleus Access Platform can't handle you can always extend it using its plugin mechanism for one of its defined interfaces. Just look for the icon.