DataNucleus Services : Free and Commercial

With any software, there are times when you need assistance to make full use of it. Here at DataNucleus we want you to make the best of the software that we provide. For that reason we provide both commercial and free support facilities.

DataNucleus : Commercial Support

Where you or your company require timely support when you need it without having to wait for somebody to respond on a forum we provide commercial support. You could, for example, have a preference for email support, or maybe phone support. If this is the case then we can discuss what would be possible. Please refer to our Support services for details.

DataNucleus : Free Support

DataNucleus provides its own online forums providing a place to discuss issues you are having. We don't guarantee to provide answers on this forum. It is simply a place where you could get some level of support when people have time. This may not be adequate for some people hence why we provide the commercial version above.

  1. Check the Documentation before anything else. The answer is usually there, either in a tutorial/example, or in one of the many guides.
  2. Look in the DataNucleus Log. This usually contains a lot of information that may answer the issue. You can always configure the log to give more output.
  3. Try a recent build to see if your version is out of date and the expected result is achieved with the latest nightly builds.
  4. Go to the Online Forum and ask. Always try to give as clear a description of the problem as possible, together with your input data, and any associated log output. Please be aware that we have very little time for this type of support and contributors to DataNucleus are more likely to get any available free support

DataNucleus : Commercial Consulting/Training

The DataNucleus experts are available for Consulting for cases where you need somebody intrinsically familiar with the DataNucleus system available to resolve any particular implementation issues.

Similarly, if your company would like to build up your own experience in DataNucleus and would like a kick start for this process the DataNucleus experts are available to provide Training.