AccessPlatform : What's New in 3.3

DataNucleus AccessPlatform version 3.3 extends the 3.2 capabilities, particularly for JPA. Below are some of the new features you can find in DataNucleus AccessPlatform 3.3.

  • JPA : support for JPA2.1 FROM "ON" clauses in string-based and Criteria queries
  • JPA : support for JPA2.1 UPDATE/DELETE Criteria queries
  • JPA : support for JPA2.1 ForeignKey, and Index
  • JPA : support for JPA2.1 JPQL "FUNCTION"
  • JPA : support for JPA2.1 EntityGraphs
  • JPA : support for JPA 2.1 create/drop/load scripts
  • JPA : runs against a JPA 2.1 API jar
  • JPA : support for multifield JPQL FROM join clause syntax
  • JDO : support for create/drop/load scripts
  • JDOQL/JPQL : support for ordering directives for NULL placement
  • RDBMS : support for fetch plan handling in queries when the candidate uses complete-table inheritance
  • RDBMS : support for persistence of File members, using streamable mechanism
  • RDBMS : support for bulk-fetch of collection members that are in the FetchPlan of a candidate in a query
  • RDBMS : initial support for NuoDB
  • MongoDB : support for evaluation of querying order clause in-datastore
  • Neo4j : support for persisting maps of persistable objects