DataNucleus AccessPlatform Documentation

DataNucleus AccessPlatform provides persistence and retrieval of data to a range of datastores using a range of APIs, with a range of query languages. We provide a FactSheet for DataNucleus AccessPlatform in PDF and ODF formats.

DataNucleus AccessPlatform Checklist
  • Current version(s) : 3.3.6 (Galileo), 3.2.9 (Copernicus)
  • Old version(s) : 3.1.5 (Kepler), 3.0.10 (Newton), 2.2.3 (Geiger), 2.1.4 (Thomson), 2.0.5 (Bohr), 1.1.6 (Rutherford), 1.0.5 (Faraday)
  • License : Apache 2
  • APIs Supported : JDO, JPA, REST
  • Datastores Supported : RDBMS, Neo4j, LDAP, Excel (XLS/OOXML), XML, NeoDatis, JSON, ODF, HBase, Amazon S3, GoogleStorage, MongoDB, AppEngine/Datastore
  • Query Languages : JDOQL, JPQL, SQL, NeoDatis Criteria, NeoDatis Native
  • JRE required : 1.6+ (v3.1+), 1.5+ (v1.1-3.0), 1.3+ (v1.0)

Version Status and Documentation

Version Status APIs Released Support HTML (Online) Download
3.3 (Galileo) Developed JDO3.1, JPA2.1, REST Jun/2013 Free, Commercial HTML HTML | PDF
3.2 (Copernicus) Developed JDO3.1, JPA2.0, REST Mar/2013 Free, Commercial HTML HTML | PDF
3.1 (Kepler) Retired JDO3.1, JPA2.0, REST Jul/2012 Commercial HTML HTML
3.0 (Newton) Retired JDO3.0, JPA2.0, REST Aug/2011 Commercial HTML HTML
2.2 (Geiger) Retired JDO3.0, JPA2.0, REST Dec/2010 None HTML HTML | PDF
2.1 (Thomson) Retired JDO3.0, JPA2.0, REST Jun/2010 None HTML HTML | PDF
2.0 (Bohr) Retired JDO2.2, JPA1.0, REST Jan/2010 None N/A HTML | PDF
1.1 (Rutherford) Retired JDO2.2, JPA1.0, REST Feb/2009 None N/A HTML | PDF
1.0 (Faraday) Retired JDO2.2, JPA1.0, REST Sep/2008 None N/A HTML | PDF

Note that we have a AccessPlatform Feature Matrix to better explain what feature is available in which version.

DataNucleus Plugins Documentation

DataNucleus products are built from a series of plugins. Each plugin is an OSGi bundle. Each plugin provides a level of functionality to the overall DataNucleus platform. This section documents the available provided plugins, and their purpose and state. The plugins can be individually downloaded if required rather than waiting for the next full release of a product, but if doing that always be careful of cross-compatibility of versions of plugins.