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  • New Feature NUCCORE-921 Ability to enhance all classes defined by a persistence.xml file.
  • Bug NUCCORE-917 Embedded PK when enhanced has incomplete jdoCopyKeyFieldsXXX methods
  • Improvement NUCCORE-108 RelationshipManager caters for subset of relation changes and should be extended to add other possibilities

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  • Improvement NUCCORE-1385 Last Thursday 12:00 PM Query parsing can be improved to better cater for quoting and end of line characters
  • New Feature NUCCORE-1387 Last Tuesday 03:36 PM Add in-memory evaluation support for Optional.get, Optional.isPresent
  • Task NUCCORE-1384 Last Monday 11:01 AM JPQL : Support YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND as in-memory evaluation

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