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  • Bug NUCCORE-919 Persistent class with methods writeObject and writeReplace should be modified by Enhancer an call jdoPreSerialize + add detachedState
  • New Feature NUCCORE-921 Ability to enhance all classes defined by a persistence.xml file.
  • Bug NUCCORE-918 JPA : jdoNewObjectIdInstance() with compound PK when using persistent properties is generated incorrect

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  • Improvement NUCCORE-1270 Last Wednesday 05:27 PM Add ExecutionContext.getLevel1Cache for symmetry with NucleusContext and Level2Cache
  • Improvement NUCCORE-823 Last Wednesday 05:27 PM Change SCO backing store for List to not do clear/addAll on an update to a collection
  • New Feature NUCCORE-134 01/Dec/14 Add control to attach process allowing optional non-attach under some circumstances

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