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  • New Feature NUCCORE-921 Ability to enhance all classes defined by a persistence.xml file.
  • Bug NUCCORE-918 JPA : jdoNewObjectIdInstance() with compound PK when using persistent properties is generated incorrect
  • Bug NUCCORE-917 Embedded PK when enhanced has incomplete jdoCopyKeyFieldsXXX methods

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  • Task NUCCORE-1316 Last Wednesday 07:58 PM StateManagerImpl.setIdentity has a block of code that seemingly is not needed
  • Bug NUCCORE-919 22/May/15 Enhancement to cater for serialisation of detachedState when user has overridden writeObject/writeReplace
  • Bug NUCCORE-1315 21/May/15 Persistable class with own writeObject() method should be enhanced to have a call to dnPreSerialize before the user code

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