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  • New Feature NUCCORE-1155 Provide ability for store plugins to load references of related objects and cache them in the ExecutionContext (to save later fetch)
  • Bug NUCCORE-1007 Enable ObjectProvider pooling when runs reliably multi-threaded
  • Improvement NUCCORE-1192 DatastoreId and SingleFieldId are similar in terms of methods; commonise and have common parent interface

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  • Task NUCCORE-1284 17/Mar/15 Move AbstractSQLQuery across to RDBMS plugin since no other datastore supports "SQL" in the same way
  • Bug NUCCORE-1286 17/Mar/15 Check for setter of a persistent property doesn't allow for it being in superclass
  • Improvement NUCCORE-1280 06/Mar/15 Move all class/member level metadata extensions to "public static final String" fields in org.datanucleus.metadata.MetaData

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