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Resolution: Incomplete
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Reporter: Stefaan Van Cauwenberge
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DataNucleus Store LDAP

unable to specify the searchscope on a relation attribute

Created: 11/May/12 02:11 PM   Updated: 11/Apr/16 10:31 AM   Resolved: 30/Mar/16 08:58 AM
Component/s: None
Affects Version/s: 3.1.0.m3
Fix Version/s: None

File Attachments: 1. Java Source File (2 kB)
2. File ldap.diff (13 kB)
3. Zip Archive (42 kB)

Environment: all

Datastore: LDAP
Severity: Proof of Concept

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When you specify a relation (eg parent-child container), you are unable to specify the searchscope (subtree, one level). Subtree is always taken.
In other words: the attribute recursion-depth="1" in the below configuration does not work.


Stefaan Van Cauwenberge added a comment - 11/May/12 02:54 PM
Files for issues

Tested on eDirectory and openLDAP.

After I fixed the issue localy, I merged it with the latest version (3.1.0.m3). I hope it still works.

This patch supports the following:
1. A field definition of "dn" will always contain the dn of the object.

2. Extention on the class to add the search scope:
<extension vendor-name="opns" key="scope" value="SUBTREE_SCOPE"/>

Possible values are the constants.

3. Support for the attribute recursion-depth on the field definition.
Supported values: 0, 1 and 2 (the actual values of the constants).


Stefaan Van Cauwenberge made changes - 11/May/12 02:54 PM
Field Original Value New Value
Attachment [ 11654 ]
Andy Jefferson added a comment - 17/May/12 02:55 PM
Hi, thx for the diffs, but sadly they don't apply to SVN trunk. Could you please regenerate it, using SVN trunk as the basis and attach a single "patch" file ("diff -u" format).

Andy Jefferson made changes - 09/Aug/12 09:54 AM
Priority Major [ 3 ] Incomplete [ 6 ]
Stefaan Van Cauwenberge added a comment - 22/Oct/12 08:53 PM
New diff file.
Diff with version 3.1

I hope this one does the trick for you.

This fix includes support for:
- The dn attribute in the object, both in PersistenceManager.newQuery(...) and PersistenceManager.getObjectById, allowing primary-key="true" on the dn attribute (enabling caching of objects with the same naming value but a different context).
- A lot less query towards the ldap (no need to require the ldap to get the DN every 5 seconds...). The dn is associated with the object itself.
- Support for extention 'opns' for search controlling scope (method LDAPUtils.getSearchControls). If included it the release, the extention name should be


Stefaan Van Cauwenberge made changes - 22/Oct/12 08:53 PM
Attachment ldap.diff [ 11791 ]
Stefaan Van Cauwenberge added a comment - 22/Oct/12 09:05 PM
It seems that the diif does not include new class files. Attached the new class file I added: DNFieldFetcher.

Stefaan Van Cauwenberge made changes - 22/Oct/12 09:05 PM
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Andy Jefferson added a comment - 30/Mar/16 08:58 AM
No testcase provided after 3.5 years!

Andy Jefferson made changes - 30/Mar/16 08:58 AM
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Andy Jefferson made changes - 11/Apr/16 10:31 AM
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