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Type: Bug Bug
Status: Closed Closed
Resolution: Fixed
Priority: Trivial Trivial
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Reporter: eran
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possible bug in

Created: 11/Aug/14 10:03 PM   Updated: 12/Aug/14 10:41 AM   Resolved: 12/Aug/14 08:36 AM
Component/s: Queries
Affects Version/s: 4.0.0.release
Fix Version/s: 4.0.2

Datastore: MySQL
Severity: Production

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while debugging, I came across the following code in
possible bug in ps, int param, Object value):

 else if (value instanceof String)
                    String s = (String) value;
                    ps.setInt(param, s.charAt(0));

it might not be the root cause of the problem I had (seem to be a bug also in google sql driver) but had the code been something like:
 else if (value instanceof String)
                    Long l = Long.parseLong(s);
                    ps.setInt(param, l.longValue());
there would be no problem. why is the code the way it is? is it a bug?
thank you

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Andy Jefferson added a comment - 12/Aug/14 08:36 AM
Why it was like that you would need to talk to the person who contributed it; 99% of users would never want to persist a String into an INTEGER column, so don't see such things. GitHub master changes it

eran added a comment - 12/Aug/14 09:59 AM
I didn't try to persist a string manually either.
I was trying to run with google app engine which uses google sql driver.
For some reason (possibly a bug)
returns a String type instead of Long for a primary-key-auto-generated-Long column. Since datanucleus uses getGeneratedKeys, it misinterpreted the result and there were severe implications. Take following scenario for instance:

1.having an object A with a list of B elements, mapped using foreign key
2. inserting a new item to the B table is performed by datanucleus in two stages:
executing an INSERT statement, and then executing an UPDATE statement to update the foreign key and index columns of the mapping to the A parent entry
3. the UPDATE statement WHERE clause parameter is populated using getGeneratedKeys of the INSERT statement.
4. since the returned value is of type String and not Long, datanucleus misinterprets it and generates a wrong Long value.
5. since the WHERE clause parameter is wrong the B entry is not found and not updated.
6. B entry foreign key column remains null and querying entity A returns with an empty list of B (since no B is referencing A).

anyway, thank you for the quick response


Andy Jefferson added a comment - 12/Aug/14 10:24 AM
FWIW Google Cloud SQL would work perfectly fine with MySQL official driver (according to their docs), and there is no "possibly" in what you describe about Google's getGeneratedKeys returning string for a Long column - that is where the real problem is.

eran added a comment - 12/Aug/14 10:41 AM
I've read the docs an tried many options.
even when setting
the implementation being eventually called by datanucleus is google's. not sure how but
it could be due to the fact you have to set a url which implicates the use of google cloud sql, e.g "jdbc:google:rdbms://<host>:3306/<db_name>".
Any other setting doesn't work (google throws some access denial exception or some of the sort) and it makes sense - google specifically declare they won't permit any code other than theirs opening sockets or accessing files.
I reported the getGeneratedKeys problem to them, providing a very simple code (direct use of their driver, no jdo/datanucleus at all) which shows the problem. waiting for their response...