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  • Task NUCRDBMS-23 Oracle : support writing BLOB columns in join tables
  • Bug NUCRDBMS-325 JDOQL : "instanceof" with inheritance generates incorrect query when using union
  • Bug NUCRDBMS-503 Map<PC, PC> with dependent key/value on delete of owner when optimistic txn can cause error

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  • Bug NUCRDBMS-907 Today 07:07 PM auto create does not honour schema when checking db for existence of constraints
  • New Feature NUCRDBMS-914 15/Jul/15 Support (numeric) bitwise AND, OR, XOR for PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB and SQLServer
  • Bug NUCRDBMS-908 15/Jul/15 DN4 does not seem to automatically create the DB schema (as in @PersistenceCapable(schema=...) for any entities annotated as such

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