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  • New Feature NUCRDBMS-18 1-1 undirectional relation needs the flexibility of allowing "subclass-table" at the other end
  • New Feature NUCRDBMS-17 Classes with collection/map fields should be allowed to have "subclass-table" inheritance strategy, and the elements/keys/values should be allowed to have "subclass-table"
  • Task NUCRDBMS-23 Oracle : support writing BLOB columns in join tables

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  • Improvement NUCRDBMS-852 Last Thursday 07:07 PM Support query fetch of Collection/Map/Array fields when serialised (i,e stored in single column of owner table).
  • Task NUCRDBMS-851 Last Wednesday 07:46 PM Add check on CASE "action" expression types for consistency
  • Task NUCRDBMS-850 21/Jan/15 Change "datanucleus.multivaluedFetch" to be RDBMS specific and specifiable globally

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