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  • Task NUCRDBMS-23 Oracle : support writing BLOB columns in join tables
  • Bug NUCRDBMS-503 Map<PC, PC> with dependent key/value on delete of owner when optimistic txn can cause error
  • Improvement NUCRDBMS-712 Optimizing the fetch of map fields (1:N relations) could significantly reduce number of sql statements

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  • New Feature NUCRDBMS-1003 Last Monday 10:45 AM JDOQL : Support Optional.get(), Optional.isPresent() rather than current automatic referral to underlying type
  • Improvement NUCRDBMS-1001 29/Jan/16 Oracle supports NVARCHAR but JDBC driver doesn't acknowledge it
  • New Feature NUCRDBMS-1000 25/Jan/16 Add support for YearMonth.getYear, YearMonth.getMonthValue, MonthDay.getDayOfMonth, MonthDay.getMonthValue, Period.getMonths, Period.getDays, Period.getYears etc

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