Extensions : Query Language


DataNucleus provides support for query languages to allow access to the persisted objects. DataNucleus Core understands JDOQL, SQL and JPQL for use with the whichever StoreManager you decide to implement them for. You can extend DataNucleuss capabilities using the plugin extension org.datanucleus.store_query_query to achieve this.

Plugin extension-point Key Datastore Description Location
org.datanucleus.store_query_query JDOQL rdbms Query support for JDOQL datanucleus-rdbms
org.datanucleus.store_query_query SQL rdbms Query support for SQL datanucleus-rdbms
org.datanucleus.store_query_query JPQL rdbms Query support for JPQL datanucleus-rdbms
org.datanucleus.store_query_query JDOQL db4o Query support for JDOQL datanucleus-db4o
org.datanucleus.store_query_query SQL db4o Query support for SQL datanucleus-db4o
org.datanucleus.store_query_query Native db4o DB4O Native query support datanucleus-db4o
org.datanucleus.store_query_query JDOQL ldap Query support for JDOQL datanucleus-ldap
org.datanucleus.store_query_query JDOQL excel Query support for JDOQL datanucleus-excel
org.datanucleus.store_query_query JDOQL xml Query support for JDOQL datanucleus-xml
org.datanucleus.store_query_query Native neodatis NeoDatis Native query support datanucleus-neodatis
org.datanucleus.store_query_query Criteria neodatis NeoDatis Criteria query support datanucleus-neodatis
org.datanucleus.store_query_query JDOQL neodatis Query support for JDOQL datanucleus-neodatis
org.datanucleus.store_query_query JDOQL json Query support for JDOQL datanucleus-json