dn accessplatform overview

DataNucleus AccessPlatform v5.1 provides persistence and retrieval of Java objects to a range of datastores using JDO/JPA/REST APIs, with a range of query languages and is fully-compliant with JDO and JPA specifications.

It is Apache 2 licensed. No other persistence solution offers the same range of APIs, datastores and query languages whilst also being fully compliant.

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 5.1 Checklist <li>*APIs Supported* : JDO 3.2, JPA 2.1+, REST </li> <li>*MetaData/Mapping Supported* : JDO, JPA </li> <li>*Datastores Supported* : <a href="datastores/rdbms.html">RDBMS</a>, <a href="datastores/excel.html">Excel</a>, <a href="datastores/ooxml.html">OOXML</a>, <a href="datastores/odf.html">ODF</a>, <a href="datastores/xml.html">XML</a>, <a href="datastores/hbase.html">HBase</a>, <a href="datastores/mongodb.html">MongoDB</a>, <a href="datastores/cassandra.html">Cassandra</a>, <a href="datastores/neo4j.html">Neo4j</a>, <a href="datastores/json.html">JSON</a>, <a href="datastores/amazons3.html">Amazon S3</a>, <a href="datastores/googlestorage.html">GoogleStorage</a>, <a href="datastores/ldap.html">LDAP</a> </li> <li>*JRE required* : 1.8 or above</li> </ul>

Beginners : The first thing to do is to visit the Getting Started Guide

Migrating from older version : please read this first about how to upgrade

If you find something that DataNucleus Access Platform can’t handle you can always extend it using its plugin mechanism for one of its defined interfaces. Just look for the nucleus plugin icon.