Class ManagedRelationsHandler

  • public class ManagedRelationsHandler
    extends Object
    Handler to process "managed relations".
    • Constructor Detail

      • ManagedRelationsHandler

        public ManagedRelationsHandler​(boolean performChecks)
        Constructor for a "managed relations" handler.
        performChecks - Whether to perform consistency checks as part of the execute process.
    • Method Detail

      • setPerformChecks

        public void setPerformChecks​(boolean checks)
      • getRelationshipManagerForStateManager

        public RelationshipManager getRelationshipManagerForStateManager​(DNStateManager sm)
        Method to return the RelationshipManager for the specified StateManager. If none is currently present will create one
        sm - StateManager
        The RelationshipManager for this object
      • clear

        public void clear()
      • isExecuting

        public boolean isExecuting()
      • execute

        public void execute()