Interface NucleusContext

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    All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractNucleusContext, EnhancementNucleusContextImpl, PersistenceNucleusContextImpl

    public interface NucleusContext
    Representation of the context being run within DataNucleus. Provides basic services that can be used by all DataNucleus contexts.
    • properties defining configuration for persistence.
    • manages the plugins involved in this DataNucleus context
    • provides access to the API in use
    • manages metadata for persistable classes
    • provides access to the TypeManager, defining the behaviour for java types.
    • Method Detail

      • applyDefaultProperties

        void applyDefaultProperties​(Configuration conf)
        Method called when initialising the Configuration to load up defaults for the properties appropriate for this NucleusContext.
        conf - The configuration
      • initialise

        void initialise()
        Method to initialise the context for use. If any services are considered essential for operation then they will be enabled here, otherwise left for lazy initialisation.
      • close

        void close()
        Clear out resources for the supported services.
      • getApiName

        String getApiName()
        Accessor for the name of the API (JDO, JPA, etc).
        the api
      • getConfiguration

        Configuration getConfiguration()
        Accessor for the overall configuration for DataNucleus.
        The Configuration
      • getPluginManager

        PluginManager getPluginManager()
        Accessor for the manager for DataNucleus plugins.
        The PluginManager
      • getMetaDataManager

        MetaDataManager getMetaDataManager()
        Accessor for the manager for persistence metadata information.
        The MetaDataManager
      • getTypeManager

        TypeManager getTypeManager()
        Accessor for manager for java types.
        The TypeManager
      • getClassLoaderResolver

        ClassLoaderResolver getClassLoaderResolver​(ClassLoader primaryLoader)
        Accessor for a ClassLoaderResolver to use in resolving classes. Caches the resolver for the specified primary loader, and hands it out if present.
        primaryLoader - Loader to use as the primary loader (or null)
        The ClassLoader resolver
      • supportsORMMetaData

        boolean supportsORMMetaData()