Interface ImplementationCreator

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    public interface ImplementationCreator
    Create instances of persistable objects. Instantiation of interfaces or abstract classes is impossible, and for this reason concrete classes are generated and and enhanced at runtime by the ImplementationCreator. The generated classes are loaded/defined by an internal ClassLoader to the ImplementationCreator. The internal ClassLoader delegates to the ClassLoaderResolver (loader) the load of user classes.
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      • newInstance

        <T> T newInstance​(Class<T> pc,
                          ClassLoaderResolver loader)
        Constructs an implementation for an interface and instantiates it
        Type Parameters:
        T - Type of persistable object
        pc - The class of the interface or abstract class, or concrete class defined in MetaData
        loader - The ClassLoaderResolver for the interface
        The instance implementing the interface
      • getClassLoader

        ClassLoader getClassLoader()
        Accessor for the ClassLoader loading classes created at runtime
        The ClassLoader