Package org.datanucleus.enhancer.asm

ASM : a small and fast bytecode manipulation framework. This is repackaged from groupId="org.ow2.asm" artifactId="asm.jar" for ASM v9.1. The only changes in the code were to fix compiler warnings.

The process to upgrade this "repackaged" ASM is as follows :-

  1. Open datanucleus-core in Eclipse (or equivalent IDE)
  2. Download and open the source code for the version of ASM that you want in Eclipse
  3. Copy all files from org.objectweb.asm (but not sub-packages), and paste these into org.datanucleus.enhancer.asm
  4. Inspect all compiler warnings in Eclipse and fix the formatting of the ASM methods to avoid ALL warnings.
  5. Update package.html of org.datanucleus.enhancer.asm to mention the current version of ASM that is repackaged
  6. Update ClassEnhancer.ASM_API_VERSION if using a new version of the ASM API