Class GetViaCheck

  • public class GetViaCheck
    extends ClassMethod
    Method to generate the method "dnGetZZZ" using ASM for CHECK_READ fields.
     static YYY dnGetZZZ(MyClass objPC)
         if (objPC.dnFlags > 0 && objPC.dnStateManager != null && !objPC.dnStateManager.isLoaded(objPC, 2))
             return objPC.dnStateManager.getStringField(objPC, 2, objPC.ZZZ);
         if (objPC.dnIsDetached() != false && ((BitSet)objPC.dnDetachedState[2]).get(2) != true)
             throw new JDODetachedFieldAccessException
                 ("You have just attempted to access field \"ZZZ\" yet this field was not detached ... ");
         return objPC.ZZZ;
    with the last part only applying when Detachable
    • Constructor Detail

      • GetViaCheck

        public GetViaCheck​(ClassEnhancer enhancer,
                           AbstractMemberMetaData fmd)
        enhancer - ClassEnhancer
        fmd - MetaData for the field we are generating for
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      • execute

        public void execute()
        Method to add the contents of the class method.
        Specified by:
        execute in class ClassMethod