Class ObjectId

    • Constructor Detail

      • ObjectId

        public ObjectId​(Class pcClass,
                        Object param)
        Constructor with class and key.
        pcClass - the class
        param - the key
      • ObjectId

        public ObjectId()
    • Method Detail

      • getKey

        public Object getKey()
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Return the String form of the object id. The class of the object id is written as the first part of the result so that the class can be reconstructed later. Then the toString of the key instance is appended. During construction, this process is reversed. The class is extracted from the first part of the String, and the String constructor of the key is used to construct the key itself.
        toString in class Object
        the String form of the key
      • compareTo

        public int compareTo​(Object o)
      • registerStringConstructor

        public static Object registerStringConstructor​(Class cls,
                                                       ObjectId.StringConstructor sc)
        Register special StringConstructor instances. These instances are for constructing instances from String parameters where there is no String constructor for them.
        cls - the class to register a StringConstructor for
        sc - the StringConstructor instance
        the previous StringConstructor registered for this class
      • constructKey

        public static Object constructKey​(String className,
                                          String keyString)
        Construct an instance of the parameter class, using the keyString as an argument to the constructor. If the class has a StringConstructor instance registered, use it. If not, try to find a constructor for the class with a single String argument. Otherwise, throw a NucleusUserException.
        className - the name of the class
        keyString - the String parameter for the constructor
        the result of construction