• public final class SCOID
    extends Object
    Object identifier for use with nondurable objects to guarantee uniqueness in the JVM (but not in datastore). They can also be used as identifiers for classes that have no database extent. Refer to JDO 2 [5.4.4]. An Object id class must have the following :-
    • Must be public
    • Must have a public constructor, which may be the default (no-arg) constructor
    • All fields must be public
    • All fields must be of Serializable types.
    • Field Detail

      • objClass

        public final String objClass
    • Constructor Detail

      • SCOID

        public SCOID​(String objClass)
        Constructs a new SCOID to identify an object of the given class.
        objClass - The class of the instance being identified.
    • Method Detail

      • getSCOClass

        public String getSCOClass()
        Returns the class of the object identified by this SCOID.
        The class of the object identified by this SCOID.