Class XmlMetaDataEntityResolver

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    public class XmlMetaDataEntityResolver
    extends AbstractXMLEntityResolver
    Implementation of an entity resolver for XML MetaData files. Note that this applies to ALL types of XML MetaData (persistence.xml, JDO package.jdo, JDO package.orm, JDO package.jdoquery, JPA/Jakarta orm.xml). We could, potentially, separate these different types of MetaData XML file, and hence split up the entities based on the handler, but not considered a priority currently.
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      • XmlMetaDataEntityResolver

        public XmlMetaDataEntityResolver​(PluginManager pluginMgr)
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      • getRegisteredSchemas

        public Source[] getRegisteredSchemas()
        The list of schemas registered in the plugin "metadata_entityresolver".
        the Sources pointing to the .xsd files