Class NonManagedPluginRegistry

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    public class NonManagedPluginRegistry
    extends Object
    implements PluginRegistry
    Manages the registry of Extensions and Extension Points outside any OSGI container. This implementation cannot handle multiple versions of the same plugin, so it either raises an exception or logs the issue as a warning. This is different to that mandated by the OSGi specification 3.0 $3.5.2.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NonManagedPluginRegistry

        public NonManagedPluginRegistry​(ClassLoaderResolver clr,
                                        String bundleCheckType,
                                        boolean allowUserBundles)
        clr - the ClassLoaderResolver
        bundleCheckType - Type of check on bundles (EXCEPTION, LOG, NONE)
        allowUserBundles - Whether to only load DataNucleus bundles (org.datanucleus).