Class PluginRegistryFactory

  • public class PluginRegistryFactory
    extends Object
    Factory for PluginRegistry. Creates an instance of PluginRegistry based on the available PluginRegistry implementation in the CLASSPATH.
    • Constructor Detail

      • PluginRegistryFactory

        public PluginRegistryFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • newPluginRegistry

        public static PluginRegistry newPluginRegistry​(String registryClassName,
                                                       String registryBundleCheck,
                                                       boolean allowUserBundles,
                                                       ClassLoaderResolver clr)
        Instantiates a PluginRegistry. Will typically use NonManagedPluginRegistry in non-OSGi environments and OSGiPluginRegistry otherwise, subject to user input.
        registryClassName - Name of the registry
        registryBundleCheck - What to do on check of bundles (Only for Non-OSGi)
        allowUserBundles - Whether to only load DataNucleus bundles (org.datanucleus) (Only for Non-OSGi)
        clr - the ClassLoaderResolver
        instance of the PluginRegistry