Class StoreDataManager

  • public class StoreDataManager
    extends Object
    Manager for store information. Keeps a record of which classes are managed by this datastore, and key information about how that class is handled.
    • Field Detail

      • storeDataByName

        protected Map<String,​StoreData> storeDataByName
        Map of all managed store data, keyed by the class/field name.
      • savedStoreDataByName

        protected Map<String,​StoreData> savedStoreDataByName
        the memory image of schema data before running it
    • Constructor Detail

      • StoreDataManager

        public StoreDataManager()
    • Method Detail

      • clear

        public void clear()
        Clear the cache
      • deregisterClass

        public void deregisterClass​(String className)
      • registerStoreData

        protected void registerStoreData​(StoreData data)
        Method to register some data with the store.
        data - The StoreData to add
      • getStoreDataForProperties

        public StoreData[] getStoreDataForProperties​(String key1,
                                                     Object value1,
                                                     String key2,
                                                     Object value2)
        Convenience accessor for all store data where property 1 has value1 and property 2 has value2. Uses equals() on the values. Doesn't cater for null values.
        key1 - Property 1 name
        value1 - Property 1 value
        key2 - Property 2 name
        value2 - Property 2 value
        Store data with the specified property values
      • managesClass

        public boolean managesClass​(String className)
        Accessor for whether the specified class (when FCO) or fully qualified field (when SCO) is managed currently
        className - The name of the class (or fully qualified field)
        Whether it is managed
      • getManagedStoreData

        public Collection<StoreData> getManagedStoreData()
        Accessor for the StoreData currently managed by this store.
        Collection of the StoreData being managed
      • get

        public StoreData get​(String className)
        Get the StoreData by the given class name
        className - the fully qualified class name
        the StoreData
      • get

        public StoreData get​(AbstractMemberMetaData mmd)
        Get the StoreData by the given field/property when SCO, if it has some specific store data component (join table).
        mmd - metadata for the the field/property
        the StoreData
      • size

        public int size()
        Accessor to the number of StoreData in cache
        the number of StoreData in cache
      • begin

        public void begin()
        Begin a transaction that changes the StoreData cache
      • rollback

        public void rollback()
        Rollback the transaction changes to the StoreData cache
      • commit

        public void commit()
        Commit the transaction changes to the StoreData cache