Class ClassesAutoStarter

    • Field Detail

      • classNames

        protected String classNames
        Names of the classes to start with.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ClassesAutoStarter

        public ClassesAutoStarter​(StoreManager storeMgr,
                                  ClassLoaderResolver clr)
        Constructor, taking the names of the classes to use.
        storeMgr - The StoreManager managing the store that we are auto-starting.
        clr - The ClassLoaderResolver
    • Method Detail

      • addClass

        public void addClass​(StoreData data)
        Method to add a class to the starter.
        data - The store data to add
      • deleteClass

        public void deleteClass​(String className)
        Method to remove a class from the starter
        className - The name of the class to remove.
      • deleteAllClasses

        public void deleteAllClasses()
        Method to remove all classes from the starter.
      • getStorageDescription

        public String getStorageDescription()
        Method to give a descriptive name for the starter process.
        Description of the starter process.