Interface ManagedConnectionResourceListener

  • public interface ManagedConnectionResourceListener
    Listener for the relation between a ManagedConnection and a resource using that ManagedConnection. The resource often needs to know when the ManagedConnection is going to be closed. Similarly the ManagedConnection may need to know when the resource is being closed (so it can free up resources).
    • Method Detail

      • transactionFlushed

        void transactionFlushed()
        Transaction being flushed. Can be invoked multiple times during the lifecycle of the ManagedConnection
      • transactionPreClose

        void transactionPreClose()
        Transaction about to be committed/rolled-back. Opportunity to make final use of the connection.
      • managedConnectionPreClose

        void managedConnectionPreClose()
        Method invoked when the managed connection is about to be closed. Allows the resource to finish its use of the managed connection.
      • managedConnectionPostClose

        void managedConnectionPostClose()
        Method invoked when the managed connection has just been closed.
      • resourcePostClose

        void resourcePostClose()
        Method invoked when the resource has been closed. Allows deregistering of this listener from the managed connection.