Class LoadFieldManager

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    public class LoadFieldManager
    extends AbstractFetchDepthFieldManager
    Field Manager to handle loading all fields of all objects in the fetch plan. The method in JDOStateManager only loads the fields for that object and so will only load the DFG fields for objects (hence omitting any non-DFG fields that are in the FetchPlan that have been omitted due to lazy-loading).
    • Constructor Detail

      • LoadFieldManager

        public LoadFieldManager​(DNStateManager sm,
                                boolean[] secondClassMutableFields,
                                FetchPlanForClass fpClass,
                                FetchPlanState state)
        Constructor for a field manager for make transient process.
        sm - StateManager of the instance being loaded
        secondClassMutableFields - The second class mutable fields for the class of this object
        fpClass - Fetch Plan for the class of this instance
        state - State object to hold any pertinent controls for the fetchplan process
    • Method Detail

      • processPersistable

        protected void processPersistable​(Object pc)
        Utility method to process the passed persistable object.
        pc - The PC object
      • internalFetchObjectField

        protected Object internalFetchObjectField​(int fieldNumber)
        Method to fetch an object field whether it is SCO collection, PC, or whatever for the fetchplan process.
        Specified by:
        internalFetchObjectField in class AbstractFetchDepthFieldManager
        fieldNumber - Number of the field
        The object
      • endOfGraphOperation

        protected Object endOfGraphOperation​(int fieldNumber)
        Method called when were arrive at the end of a branch
        Specified by:
        endOfGraphOperation in class AbstractFetchDepthFieldManager
        fieldNumber - Number of the field
        Object to return