Interface Parser

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    AbstractParser, JDOQLParser, JPQLParser

    public interface Parser
    Interface for a parser of a query. To be implemented for each particular query language. Responsible for taking a String clause of a query and converting it into a Node tree.
    • Method Detail

      • setStrict

        void setStrict​(boolean flag)
      • setExplicitParameters

        void setExplicitParameters​(boolean flag)
      • parseFrom

        Node[] parseFrom​(String expression)
      • parseUpdate

        Node[] parseUpdate​(String expression)
      • parseOrder

        Node[] parseOrder​(String expression)
      • parseResult

        Node[] parseResult​(String expression)
      • parseTuple

        Node[] parseTuple​(String expression)
      • parseVariables

        Node[][] parseVariables​(String expression)
      • parseVariable

        Node parseVariable​(String expression)
      • parseParameters

        Node[][] parseParameters​(String expression)