Interface SymbolResolver

    • Method Detail

      • getPrimaryClass

        Class getPrimaryClass()
        Accessor for the candidate class of the query.
        The candidate class
      • resolveClass

        Class resolveClass​(String className)
        Method to resolve the provided name to a class (if possible). Some query languages allow definition of imports of packages to check (e.g JDOQL) and so use this as a hook for that capability.
        className - Name of the prospective "class"
        The resolved class
        ClassNotResolvedException - if not found
      • supportsImplicitVariables

        boolean supportsImplicitVariables()
        Whether we should accept implicit variables in the query. JDOQL supports variables, yet JPQL doesn't. Also in JDOQL if the user supplies some explicit variables then it doesn't allow implicit variables.
        Whether to support implicit variables
      • caseSensitiveSymbolNames

        boolean caseSensitiveSymbolNames()
        Whether names of symbols are case-sensitive (e.g JDOQL returns true, but JPQL returns false).
        Whether case sensitive