Class ClassExpression

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    public class ClassExpression
    extends Expression
    Expression representing a candidate in a FROM clause. This is used in JPQL where we have a "from" clause like
     SELECT ... FROM Product p JOIN r
    so the ClassExpression is for alias "p" of type Product. The class name is stored in the Symbol, keyed by this alias. Can have a JoinExpression to its right.
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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • ClassExpression

        public ClassExpression​(String alias)
    • Method Detail

      • setCandidateExpression

        public void setCandidateExpression​(String expr)
      • getCandidateExpression

        public String getCandidateExpression()
      • setJoinExpression

        public void setJoinExpression​(JoinExpression expr)
        Set the right expression to the provided join.
        expr - Join information
      • bind

        public Symbol bind​(SymbolTable symtbl)
        Method to bind the expression to the symbol table as appropriate.
        Specified by:
        bind in class Expression
        symtbl - Symbol table
        The symbol for this expression