Class ObjectGetClassMethod

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    public class ObjectGetClassMethod
    extends Object
    implements InvocationEvaluator
    Evaluator for the function getClass(obj). This is used by the JPQL "TYPE(e)" construct which converts it into the class of the argument.
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      • ObjectGetClassMethod

        public ObjectGetClassMethod()
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      • evaluate

        public Object evaluate​(InvokeExpression expr,
                               Object invokedValue,
                               InMemoryExpressionEvaluator eval)
        Description copied from interface: InvocationEvaluator
        Method to evaluate the InvokeExpression, as part of the overall evaluation defined by the InMemoryExpressionEvaluator.
        Specified by:
        evaluate in interface InvocationEvaluator
        expr - The expression for invocation
        invokedValue - Value on which we are invoking
        eval - The overall evaluator for in-memory
        The result