Interface MemberColumnMapping

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    public interface MemberColumnMapping
    Mapping definition for a member (field/property) representing the column(s) that it maps to. This class is required as an intermediary between Table and Column so that we can support mapping a member to multiple columns.
    • Method Detail

      • getMemberMetaData

        AbstractMemberMetaData getMemberMetaData()
        Accessor for the metadata for this member.
        Metadata for the member.
      • getColumn

        Column getColumn​(int position)
        Accessor for the column at the specified position. 0 is the first column. If the position is out of range then returns null;
        position - The position, with origin 0
        The Column
      • getColumns

        Column[] getColumns()
        Accessor for the columns representing this member.
        The columns
      • getNumberOfColumns

        int getNumberOfColumns()
        Accessor for the number of columns that represents this member.
        Number of columns
      • setTypeConverter

        void setTypeConverter​(TypeConverter typeConv)
        Method to set the TypeConverter used by this member-column.
        typeConv - The TypeConverter to use
      • setTypeConverterForComponent

        void setTypeConverterForComponent​(FieldRole role,
                                          TypeConverter conv)
        Method to set a component TypeConverter for such as a collection element, map key or map value.
        role - The role where this converter is used
        conv - The converter
      • getTypeConverter

        TypeConverter getTypeConverter()
        Accessor for the TypeConverter to use for this member-column (if any).
        The TypeConverter
      • getTypeConverterForComponent

        TypeConverter getTypeConverterForComponent​(FieldRole role)
        Accessor for a component (collection element, map key, map value) converter if defined.
        role - The role of the component where the converter would be used
        The converter (if any). Null is returned if nothing defined