Class ResourcedTransaction

  • public class ResourcedTransaction
    extends Object
    Transaction allowing resources to be enlisted, with branches and phased commit, following the style of an Open/XA transaction. Enlisted resources are typically datastore resources which, in turn, need committing.
    • Field Detail

      • random

        public static final Random random
        Random number generator, for use when needing unique names.
    • Method Detail

      • getStatus

        public int getStatus()
      • isEnlisted

        public boolean isEnlisted​(XAResource xaRes)
      • enlistResource

        public boolean enlistResource​(XAResource xaRes)
      • delistResource

        public boolean delistResource​(XAResource xaRes,
                                      int flag)
      • registerSynchronization

        public void registerSynchronization​(javax.transaction.Synchronization sync)
      • commit

        public void commit()
      • rollback

        public void rollback()
      • setRollbackOnly

        public void setRollbackOnly()