Transparent persistence.
Powerful querying.

Use the API your prefer, to a very wide range of datastores.

The most standards-compliant Java persistence product.
Open Source software, under the Apache 2 license.

Persisting Java objects is now easy.

Choose your Datastore from a very wide range!

Providing access to industry leading RDBMS, map stores such as Cassandra and HBase, the Neo4j graph store, spreadsheets in Excel or OpenDocument formats, JSON formatted Amazon and Google Storage options, the popular MongoDB JSON-like document store, as well as ubiquitous LDAP and others.


Choose the JPA/Jakarta API ? with full support for JPA 2.2+, Jakarta 3.0+ (*)

Java standard since 2006, providing easy persistence to RDBMS datastores. Comes with its own "SQL-like" JPQL query language, so you query your data in a language similar to what your datastore understands.

(*) Refers to included support for > 35 JPA requested items not yet present in the official JPA/Jakarta specs.

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or choose the JDO API ? with full support for JDO 3.2+ (*)

Java standard since 2001, providing transparent persistence and datastore agnosticity. Comes with its own "Java syntax" JDOQL query language so you can use the programming syntax you already know to query your data.

(*) Refers to included support for 10 JDO requested items not yet present in the official JDO spec.

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Contribute to its development ? with the latest tools.

Explore the codebase on GitHub and contribute new features or fix bugs. All code is available under the very flexible Apache 2 License so you have every opportunity to offer your skills to the project. Follow the DataNucleus blog or Twitter (@datanucleus) and receive updates when features are added, or bugs are fixed that could impact on your application(s).

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Extensive documentation covering JDO, JPA and REST APIs, as well as all handling specific to the particular datastores in question

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Download the latest version as a convenient ZIP file with all dependencies.

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