DataNucleus provides Open Source products, and you can freely download any release of DataNucleus, together with the associated source code. DataNucleus downloads are subject to the Apache 2 License. Note that DataNucleus software versioning uses the versioning strategy defined here. We hope that you are successful in your use of DataNucleus, and if you have any problems or queries, please contact us using Groups.IO or Gitter. Be aware that we don’t have much time for this free support so you could make a donation to further development and pay for our time providing support.

The first thing to note is that all DataNucleus releases are "stable", in that they all pass all DataNucleus tests and the relevant TCKs, so any referral to some "stable branch" is a concept for other projects; the whole point of TDD is to guarantee stability. The principal DataNucleus releases are :-