DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0 Release Notes

The 1.0 release of AccessPlatform is available under the Apache 2 license from our download page

No further releases

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.5

Apr 14th 2009 : Version 1.0.5 includes the following changes

  • Bug fix so that any remaining non-transactional update when closing the PM always goes to the datastore

  • Bug fix to JTA handling of afterCompletion()

  • Bug fix to the enhancer Ant task to allow fork=false

  • RDBMS: Bug fix to the SchemaTool Ant task to allow fork=false

  • XML : Fix to retrieval of objects where a class has no "xpath" specified.

  • Improvement to efficiency of EHCache contains() handling.

  • Bug fix to the reading of @FetchPlan annotation

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.4

Feb 1st 2009 : Version 1.0.4 includes the following changes

  • Upgrade to NeoDatis 1.9RC1

  • Bug fix to allow registration of persistent classes when loaded by ClassLoader

  • Support for QueryResult toArray/subList

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.3

Dec 11th 2008 : Version 1.0.3 includes the following changes

  • Upgrade to Apache POI 3.2

  • Support for String.startsWith/endsWith/indexOf with parameter/primary expressions

  • Catch leading/trailing blanks in persistence properties

  • Support for OpenJPA/Kodo style datastore identity (for people migrating from Kodo)

  • Support for Xcalia style datastore identity (for people migrating from Xcalia)

  • LDAP : Support for native queries rather than performing all in-memory.

  • Fix for unary minus in generic query mechanism

  • Remove enhancer "verify" mode since no longer used

  • Provide access to class bytes after enhancement via enhancer API

  • Fix to replication in some cases where object didnt exist in datastore 2

  • Fix to RDBMS large result "count" method to ignore ordering

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.2

Oct 30th 2008 : Version 1.0.2 includes the following changes

  • Upgrade to ASM 3.1

  • Upgrade to JDO 2.2 final jar

  • Bug fixes to L2 caching of object version, and handling of garbage collected objects

  • Removal of a Java5 method so people with Java 1.3/1.4 can use it

  • Fix to how fields are marked as loaded with application identity

  • Fix to replication of SCO fields

  • Fix to URL handling with DB4O plugin

  • Fix to XMLIDRef handling in XML plugin

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.1

Sept 23rd 2008 : Version 1.0.1 includes the following changes

  • Support for JDO2.2 transaction isolation specification mechanism

  • Support for JPQL bulk delete for db4o, NeoDatis, Excel, XML, LDAP and JSON datastores

  • Log any invalid/unsupported persistence properties

  • Performance improvement to Excel and XML datastores to not repeatedly open/close the datastore

  • When checking for RDBMS table existence use DatabaseMetaData.getTables for performance

  • Fix logging of initialisation of Derby datastores to remove logged exception

  • Fix bug in loading of unloaded fields to cater for corner case

  • Fix bug in DB4O and NeoDatis JDOQL handling of "{alias}.b" syntax

  • Fix bug in Extents with subclasses for Excel, XML, LDAP and JSON datastores

  • Fix bug in LDAP persistence of boolean fields

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.0.RELEASE

Sept 1st 2008 : Version 1.0 RELEASE includes the following changes

  • Migration to JDO 2.2 standardised dynamic Fetch Groups from DataNucleus custom groups

  • Support for chained method operations with in-memory query evaluation

  • Support for generic compilation of query subqueries

  • Bug fix so JPA persistence.jar doesnt need to be in CLASSPATH when not using JPA

  • Support RDBMS dynamic schema upgrades when new implementations of an interface are encountered.

  • Bug fix for loading of implementations of interfaces and subsequent handling

  • Add support for datastore identity with Excel datastores

  • Bug fix to Excel datastores for persistence of null field values, and for retrieval of Float, Double, Integer, Long, BigDecimal, BigInteger

  • Add support for cascade delete with NeoDatis datastores

  • Add support for specified indexes with NeoDatis datastores

  • Bug fix for cascade delete with db4o datastores

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.0.M4

Aug 4th 2008 : Version 1.0 Milestone 4 includes the following changes

  • Upgrade to JDO 2.2 (snapshot), NeoDatis 1.9-beta-3, Apache POI 3.1

  • Added cache for compiled queries for XML, db4o, Excel, NeoDatis, JSON and LDAP

  • Added support for NeoDatis embedded server

  • Added full support for JPQL query compilation using generic compiler

  • Added support for in-memory JPQL query evaluation of all spec required functions.

  • Added support for in-memory JDOQL query evaluation of all spec required methods, with the exception of Collection.contains, Map.containsKey, Map.containsValue, Map.get

  • Support for JDO2.2 @Cacheable allowing control over classes/fields to be cached

  • Added pluggable support for generic query methods/functions

  • Added support for use of implicit/explicit parameters with generic JDOQL/JPQL

  • Added support for use of DISTINCT with generic JDOQL/JPQL

  • Expanded the support for in-memory evaluation of aggregates to cater for all types of fields

  • Bug fix to runtime bytecode enhancement allowing its use with annotated classes, and added optimisation to specify the packages to be runtime enhanced providing big speedups

  • Fixes to allow complete use of Access Platform in a java security environment

  • Support for JPA2 @ElementCollection/@CollectionTable

  • Support for performing db4o/NeoDatis JDOQL/JPQL queries totally in-memory where required

  • Bug fix to allow use of RDBMS datastores that store in lowercase without the need to provide a persistence property to specify this

  • Bug fix to RDBMS persistence of complicated hierarchy with container+inheritance and multiple relations between container and element, avoiding FK violation

  • Bug fix to L2 caching for multithreaded operations

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.0.M3

July 6th 2008 : Version 1.0 Milestone 3 includes the following changes

  • Rewritten Level 2 caching, allowing full control over which classes are cached and which fields of which classes are cached. Fixed bugs relating to deleted objects previously being cached, and caching of SCO fields

  • Rewritten JPQL compiler for use by all datastores.

  • Addition of an in-memory JPQL evaluator, supporting basic JPQL syntax so far.

  • Support for JDO2.2 "ReadOnly"

  • Change in-memory evaluation of JDOQL/JPQL queries to allow evaluation of specific components of the query (rather than the whole query)

  • Support for in-memory JDOQL/JPQL evaluation of "/", "%", "<", ">", "<=", ">=", etc

  • Support for in-memory JDOQL evaluation of all common methods (String.matches, String.toUpperCase, etc)

  • Bug fix to List.remove(int) when using optimistic transaction

  • Bug fix to in-memory JDOQL evaluation of grouping/result clauses

  • Support for JPQL querying of db4o datastores

  • Support for JPQL querying of NeoDatis ODB datastores

  • Support for JPQL querying of XML documents

  • Support for JPQL querying of Excel documents

  • Support for JPQL querying of LDAP datastores

  • Support for JPQL querying of JSON datastores

  • Removed original JDOQL querying for db4o - now replaced by generic process, with inbuilt support for more JDOQL syntax.

  • Support for persistence of wider range of Object types to Excel datastores, using new generic "String-based" persistence

  • Optimisation of location of an object in Excel datastores resulting in reduced object instantiation

  • Support for connection-pooling of LDAP connections (contrib Stefan Seelmann)

  • Support for JDOQL querying of NeoDatis ODB datastores

  • Support for multiple levels of "xpath" on XML datastores

  • Bug fix to GROUP BY on RDBMS datastores when the query has multiple components of a UNION

  • Bug fix on RDBMS datastores to re-enable creation of constraints

  • Bug fix on RDBMS datastores when using subclass-table inheritance and single subclass

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.0.M2

June 1st 2008 : Version 1.0 Milestone 2 includes the following changes

  • Support for persistence to DB4O as an embedded server (contrib from Joe Batt)

  • Support for some early draft JPA 2 methods relating to caching and querying

  • Support for persistence to <a href="">NeoDatis</a>

  • Support for persistence to <a href="">JSON (RESTful)</a>

  • Improvements to persistence to XML, including allowing defining of the root for each class.

  • Significant improvements in support for XA transactions with the JDO JCA adapter, used extensively by <a href="">JFire</a>

  • Provision of a public <a href="">API</a> for accessing schema information for RDBMS

  • Bug fixes to L2 caching of SCO fields

  • Bug fix to detachment when a field was previously attached unchanged.

  • Bug fix to support @Persistent "recursionDepth" which was previously ignored.

  • Memory footprint improvements for StateManager.

  • Optimisation of some aspects of relationship management to prevent unnecessary loading of fields when not needed

  • Bug fix to use of autoincrement fields with PostgreSQL when used in non-default schema

  • Bug fix to use of "JDOHelper.getObjectId" within JDOQL for composite PK app id cases

  • Bug fix to the enhancement of jdoMakeDirty for detached cases to allow for inheritance

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 1.0.0.M1

April 25th 2008 : Version 1.0 Milestone 1 includes the following changes (to JPOX codebase)

  • Support for persistence to and simple JDOQL querying of LDAP

  • Support for persistence to and simple JDOQL querying of Excel

  • Support for persistence to and simple JDOQL querying of XML

  • Support for SQL querying of db4o

  • Several bug fixes, and much restructuring of the JPOX codebase