DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.2 Release Notes

The 2.2 release of AccessPlatform is available under the Apache 2 license from our download page

Version 2.2 includes the following over 2.1

  • Many improvements to L2 caching

  • Various improvements to connection handling for performance

  • Improved support for persisting containers with null elements

  • JDO : Support for column position specification

  • JDO : Support for a typesafe query API

  • JPA : More complete JPA2 implementation, providing remaining methods

  • RDBMS : Drop legacy JDOQL implementation

  • RDBMS : Provide bundled repackaged connection pool (DBCP)

  • RDBMS : Support for N-1 uni join table relation

  • Other datastores : Support for cascade delete

  • Many bug fixes, and minor feature additions.

No further releases

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.2.3

May 8th 2011 : Version 2.2.3 includes the following changes

  • Fix to use of embedded fields where having a relation to a non-embedded.

  • Allow property methods (getter/setter) to be final

  • OSGi : add optional import of log4j

  • Fix to log messages so we don’t call cache.size() since some don’t support it

  • Mark SortedSet/SortedMap wrappers as Serializable

  • Add check for null literal in JDOQL parser

  • JPA : Fix to use of @CollectionTable

  • JPA : Improvements to XML metadata handling

  • RDBMS : fix to String.matches type handling

  • Other minor cleanups

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.2.2

Feb 24th 2011 : Version 2.2.2 includes the following changes

  • Add support for associated value mechanism for 1-N maps to reduce the number of SQL statements used (been supported for 1-N lists/sets for 2 yrs)

  • Bug fix to metadata handling for embedded fields, when embedded field definition not provided

  • JPA : Bug fix to query compilation of JPQL "NOT IN (subquery)"

  • JPA : Support for @MapKeyEnumerated to define the type of column

  • JPA : Bug fix to processing of <column> within unique-constraint in XML metadata

  • JPA : Support for multiple inherited @MappedSuperclass

  • RDBMS : Bug fix to race condition in statement batching (Gerd Behrmann)

  • RDBMS : Support for use of "count()" size method when range specified on query

  • RDBMS : Fix to Derby 10.6 change in handling of boolean/integer comparisons

  • RDBMS : Bug fix to Postgresql handling of index generation, now omitting the schema name

  • Other minor cleanups

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.2.1

Jan 17th 2011 : Version 2.2.1 includes the following changes

  • Support for JPQL extension functions "MONTH", "DAY", "YEAR", "HOUR", "MINUTE", "SECOND"

  • When embedding a persistable field, default to the metadata of the embedded class

  • JDO : fix to return type for AVG() in JDOQL to match JDO spec change

  • JPA : Support attribute override for nested embedded members

  • JPA : Support XML "embedded" tag

  • RDBMS : Fix to retrieval of version on object in certain circumstances

  • RDBMS : Fix to Collection.contains check when containing a primitive

  • RDBMS : Add OSGi importPackage of principal JDBC drivers

  • RDBMS : Better treatment of unmapped columns with null values

  • HBase : fix to retrieval when non-persistent fields present

  • HBase : support "native"(JDO)/"auto"(JPA) value generation strategies

  • Enhancer : set default API (JDO) when using annotation processor

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.2.0.RELEASE

Dec 10th 2010 : Version 2.2 RELEASE includes the following changes

  • Fix to threading of transaction manager calls

  • Fix to threading of startup of services

  • Fix to not L2 cache fields marked as transactional

  • Fix to support cascade delete when using "simple" SCO container classes (all datastores except RDBMS)

  • Fix to detection of inheritance level of application identity object

  • Minor improvement to class loading for querying

  • Fix to non-transactional connection retention to clean out connections when closing the PM/EM

  • Support for bulk update/delete with JDOQL (DataNucleus extension)

  • Fix to deadlock around enlisting of an object in the transaction when updating a field

  • Add the ability to define in metadata which classes are pinned in the L2 cache

  • Several fixes to L2 caching to make use of relation field information

  • JPA : Support for locking

  • JPA : Support for fetch groups (DataNucleus extension)

  • RDBMS : Merge "datanucleus-connectionpool" into RDBMS plugin

  • RDBMS : Provide bundled repackaged DBCP as fallback connection pool

  • RDBMS : Support for N-1 uni join table relations

  • RDBMS : Fix to nontransactional batched inserts so that all statements are flushed

  • RDBMS : Various minor improvements to JDOQL statement generation

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.2.0.M3

Nov 13th 2010 : Version 2.2 Milestone 3 includes the following changes

  • Fix various SCO container classes with respect to adding a null element.

  • Set default for "allow-nulls" on SCO containers based on the Java type behaviour

  • Drop "attachPolicy" and provide complete attachment in default scenario

  • Providing mechanism for per-object locking

  • Couple of fixes to result handling in in-memory query evaluator

  • JDO : Support JDO3.1 PMF.getManagedClasses()

  • JDO : Support for <a href="">typesafe queries for JDO</a> using a QueryDSL-like fluent API

  • JDO : More improvements to helpers on NucleusJDOHelper

  • JPA : Outline implementation of JPA2 lock methods

  • JPA : Support use of @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn for 1-1s

  • RDBMS : Allow column reuse for multiple fields of a class

  • RDBMS : Fix to use of subclass-table with 1-1 bidirectional relations

  • RDBMS : Fix to use of lengths with BLOB/CLOB on MySQL

  • RDBMS : Support for querying of (persistent) interfaces

  • RDBMS : Fixes to handling of "allow-nulls" on arrays with join table

  • RDBMS : Add support for LONGVARCHAR with HSQLDB 2.0

  • RDBMS : Add query extension for controlling the join type of variable in JDOQL (1-1 only)

  • RDBMS : Add support for persisting maps with null values

  • RDBMS : Fix to JDOQL Collection.contains() on candidate collection when invalid element type

  • RDBMS : Fix to index/FK creation on Derby to avoid warning messages

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.2.0.M2

Oct 20th 2010 : Version 2.2 Milestone 2 includes the following changes

  • Complete support for JDO3.1 column positioning

  • Improved merge of metadata information when sequence or cascade info specified in annotations

  • Ability to retain the datastore connection for non-transactional operations

  • Fix to a few concurrency bugs around commit/rollback and read/write of objects fields

  • Ability to specify a separate connection pool for non-transactional connections

  • JDOQL : Allow use of method invocation in grouping statements

  • Upgrade to NucleusJDOHelper dirty/loaded methods

  • Fix clean up of dynamic fetch groups when closing query/extent/pm

  • Fix to metadata requirement for map with embedded key/value so <embedded> is not needed when the key/value is marked as embedded-only

  • Fix to PMF startup process so that persistence properties are registered before enablement of some services

  • Fix to output from pm.getObjectsById(emptyCollection);

  • Improve type handling/comparison capabilities of in-memory query evaluator.

  • Basic support for JDO3.1 sequence allocation size and initial value

  • getObjectById/find : Ability to not validate objects obtained from L2 cache

  • RDBMS : change handling of range when not possible in datastore, now handled in the query result rather than loading all rows into memory first.

  • RDBMS : re-enable connection provider plugin point (failover)

  • RDBMS : several minor changes to types available for IBM DB2

  • RDBMS : fix to validation of candidate keys, that prevented creation of some unique keys under some circumstances

  • RDBMS : fix to List.get() when used in result clause of JDOQL query

  • RDBMS : fix to maps of embedded keys/values where key part of value (or vice-versa)

  • RDBMS : fix to retrieval of existing indices on Oracle for some table names

  • RDBMS : fix to SQL queries in a J2EE environment

  • RDBMS : fix to order of creation of tables with SchemaTool

  • RDBMS : some fixes to use of "allowNulls" on collections/arrays - typo

  • JPA : fix to case where sequence name not set

  • JPA : fix to EM.getReference to not validate the object

  • JPA : fix to use of @Enumerated with @Column

  • Enhancer : fix to runtime enhancement, class loading problem

  • Enhancer : fix to error message of override of invalid field

  • Cache : add option to allow retention of cached objects after close of PMF/EMF, for the case where used by other instances

  • LDAP : Remove dependency to "shared-ldap"

DataNucleus AccessPlatform 2.2.0.M1

Jul 15th 2010 : Version 2.2 Milestone 1 includes the following changes

  • Add support for more generalised column "position" via metadata - likely in JDO3.1

  • Add support for 36-character UUID string generator

  • Improved type safety for queued operations on SCO classes

  • Drop legacy query expressions for "mapped" datastores - use 2.0 if you still require this

  • RDBMS : Drop legacy JDOQL implementation - use 2.0 if you still require this

  • RDBMS : Support for fetching just a FK when the FK is in the candidate query class (avoiding adding a join - performance)

  • RDBMS : Fix for Oracle NLS

  • RDBMS : Fix to SchemaTool for sequence creation

  • Fix to EHCache evict() handling

  • JPA : Criteria Query - Fix to handle fields of superclass

  • JPA : Criteria Query - Fix to not require candidate alias

  • Upgrade provided DBCP dependency to latest