Class ApiAdapterFactory

  • public class ApiAdapterFactory
    extends Object
    Factory of API adapters.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ApiAdapterFactory

        protected ApiAdapterFactory()
        Protected constructor to prevent outside instantiation
    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static ApiAdapterFactory getInstance()
        Accessor for the ApiAdapterFactory (singleton).
        The manager of type information
      • getApiAdapter

        public ApiAdapter getApiAdapter​(String name,
                                        PluginManager pluginMgr)
        Accessor for an adapter, given the api name. If the API adapter doesn't yet exist will try to initialise it from the plugin information defined under extension-point "org.datanucleus.api_adapter".
        name - the adapter name
        pluginMgr - Plugin Manager
        The ApiAdapter
        NucleusUserException - when requested API not found in CLASSPATH