Class GetManagedFieldCount

  • public class GetManagedFieldCount
    extends ClassMethod
    Method to generate the method "dnGetManagedFieldCount" using ASM.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GetManagedFieldCount

        public GetManagedFieldCount​(ClassEnhancer enhancer,
                                    String name,
                                    int access,
                                    Object returnType,
                                    Object[] argTypes,
                                    String[] argNames)
        enhancer - ClassEnhancer
        name - Name of method
        access - Access type
        returnType - Return type
        argTypes - Argument types
        argNames - Argument names
    • Method Detail

      • execute

        public void execute()
        Method to add the contents of the class method. Usually this method should generate bytecode as: return dnFieldNames.length + superClass.dnGetManagedFieldCount(); but due to initializing issues [ENHANCER-58], we use constants instead, e.g.: return {number of managed fields}+superClass.dnGetManagedFieldCount();
        Specified by:
        execute in class ClassMethod