Class InitClass

  • public class InitClass
    extends ClassMethod
    Method to generate a static initialisation block for the class using ASM.
         dnFieldNames = __dnFieldNamesInit();
         dnInheritedFieldCount = __dnGetInheritedFieldCount();
         EnhancementHelper.registerClass(___dn$loadClass("mydomain.MyClass"), new MyClass());
    • Constructor Detail

      • InitClass

        public InitClass​(ClassEnhancer enhancer,
                         String name,
                         int access,
                         Object returnType,
                         Object[] argTypes,
                         String[] argNames)
        enhancer - ClassEnhancer
        name - Name of method
        access - Access type
        returnType - Return type
        argTypes - Argument types
        argNames - Argument names
    • Method Detail

      • execute

        public void execute()
        Method to add the contents of the class method.
        Specified by:
        execute in class ClassMethod
      • addInitialiseInstructions

        public void addInitialiseInstructions​(MethodVisitor mv)
        Convenience method to add the initialise instructions to the supplied MethodVisitor. Available as a separate method so that the initialise instructions can be added to an existing static class initialise block (where the class already has one).
        mv - MethodVisitor to use