Class NewInstance1

  • public class NewInstance1
    extends ClassMethod
    Method to generate the method "dnNewInstance" using ASM.
     public Persistable dnNewInstance(StateManager sm)
         MyClass result = new MyClass();
         result.dnFlags = (byte) 1;
         result.dnStateManager = sm;
         return result;
    and throw an exception when the class is abstract.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NewInstance1

        public NewInstance1​(ClassEnhancer enhancer,
                            String name,
                            int access,
                            Object returnType,
                            Object[] argTypes,
                            String[] argNames)
        enhancer - ClassEnhancer
        name - Name of method
        access - Access type
        returnType - Return type
        argTypes - Argument types
        argNames - Argument names