Class ReplaceDetachedState

  • public class ReplaceDetachedState
    extends ClassMethod
    Method to generate the method "dnReplaceDetachedState" using ASM.
     public final synchronized void dnReplaceDetachedState()
         if (dnStateManager == null)
             throw new IllegalStateException("state manager is null");
         this.dnDetachedState = this.dnStateManager.replacingDetachedState(this, dnDetachedState);
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReplaceDetachedState

        public ReplaceDetachedState​(ClassEnhancer enhancer,
                                    String name,
                                    int access,
                                    Object returnType,
                                    Object[] argTypes,
                                    String[] argNames)
        enhancer - ClassEnhancer
        name - Name of method
        access - Access type
        returnType - Return type
        argTypes - Argument types
        argNames - Argument names