Class ColumnMetaData

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    public class ColumnMetaData
    extends MetaData
    Representation of the Meta-Data for a column mapping of a field.
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    Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • name

        protected String name
        column name.
      • target

        protected String target
        target column name (for matching across a FK).
      • targetMember

        protected String targetMember
        target field/property name (for matching across a FK).
      • jdbcType

        protected JdbcType jdbcType
        jdbc-type to use (if any).
      • sqlType

        protected String sqlType
        sql-type to use (if any). Takes priority over jdbc-type.
      • length

        protected Integer length
        length to use (if any). Also known as "precision" when for floating point types.
      • scale

        protected Integer scale
        scale to use (if any).
      • allowsNull

        protected Boolean allowsNull
        Whether the column accepts nulls.
      • defaultValue

        protected String defaultValue
        Default value for the column (when constructing the table with this column).
      • insertValue

        protected String insertValue
        value to use when inserting this column in the datastore (the column is not mapped to a field/property)
      • insertable

        protected boolean insertable
        Whether this column is to be inserted when the owning object is inserted. TODO Merge this with AbstractMemberMetaData.isInsertable.
      • updateable

        protected boolean updateable
        Whether this column can be updated when the owning object is updated. TODO Merge this with AbstractMemberMetaData.isUpdateable.
      • unique

        protected boolean unique
        Whether this column should be marked as UNIQUE.
      • columnDdl

        protected String columnDdl
        Optional column DDL appended to the column definition defined by DataNucleus.
      • position

        protected Integer position
        Column position for the table as a whole (0-origin).
    • Constructor Detail

      • ColumnMetaData

        public ColumnMetaData​(ColumnMetaData colmd)
        Creates a ColumnMetaData by copying contents from colmd.
        colmd - MetaData for the column
      • ColumnMetaData

        public ColumnMetaData()
        Default constructor. Set the fields using setters, before populate().