Class ContainerMetaData

    • Constructor Detail

      • ContainerMetaData

        public ContainerMetaData()
      • ContainerMetaData

        public ContainerMetaData​(ContainerMetaData contmd)
        Copy constructor.
        contmd - Container metadata to copy
    • Method Detail

      • populate

        public void populate()
        Method to populate any defaults, and check the validity of the MetaData.
      • allowNulls

        public Boolean allowNulls()
        Whether this container allows nulls. For a collection/array this is whether there can be null elements. For a map this whether there can be null keys AND values (really we ought to treat them independent, but not done like that currently).
        Whether nulls are allowed to be stored in the container
      • getMemberMetaData

        public AbstractMemberMetaData getMemberMetaData()
        Accessor for the parent field/property MetaData.
        Parent metadata
      • getMemberName

        public String getMemberName()
        Accessor for the parent member name
        Parent member name.