Class FetchPlanMetaData

    • Field Detail

      • maxFetchDepth

        protected int maxFetchDepth
        Max fetch depth for this FetchPlan.
      • fetchSize

        protected int fetchSize
        Fetch Size for use when querying using this FetchPlan.
      • fetchGroups

        protected List<FetchGroupMetaData> fetchGroups
        Series of Fetch Groups used in this FetchPlan. Only used during construction.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FetchPlanMetaData

        public FetchPlanMetaData​(String name)
        Constructor for a fetch plan with a name. Set fields using setters, before populate().
        name - Name of fetch plan
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public final String getName()
        Accessor for name
        Returns the name.
      • getMaxFetchDepth

        public final int getMaxFetchDepth()
      • setMaxFetchDepth

        public FetchPlanMetaData setMaxFetchDepth​(int maxFetchDepth)
      • getFetchSize

        public final int getFetchSize()
      • getNumberOfFetchGroups

        public int getNumberOfFetchGroups()
      • getFetchGroupMetaData

        public final FetchGroupMetaData[] getFetchGroupMetaData()
        Accessor for fetchGroupMetaData
        Returns the fetchGroupMetaData.
      • addFetchGroup

        public void addFetchGroup​(FetchGroupMetaData fgmd)
        Add a new FetchGroupMetaData
        fgmd - the fetch group
      • newFetchGroupMetaData

        public FetchGroupMetaData newFetchGroupMetaData​(String name)
        Method to create a new FetchGroup metadata, add it and return it.
        name - Name of the fetch group
        The new fetch group metadata