Class QueryMetaData

    • Field Detail

      • scope

        protected String scope
        Scope of this query (if any).
      • name

        protected String name
        Name of the query.
      • language

        protected String language
        Query language.
      • unmodifiable

        protected boolean unmodifiable
        Whether the query is unmodifiable.
      • query

        protected String query
        The single string query
      • resultClass

        protected String resultClass
        The result class to use. Only applies to SQL.
      • resultMetaDataName

        protected String resultMetaDataName
        Name for the MetaData defining the mapping of the result set (for JPA SQL).
      • unique

        protected boolean unique
        Whether the query returns unique. Only applies to SQL.
      • fetchPlanName

        protected String fetchPlanName
        Name of any fetch-plan to use.
    • Constructor Detail

      • QueryMetaData

        public QueryMetaData​(String name)
        Constructor for a query of the specified name. Set fields using setters, before populate().
        name - The Query name