Class TableGeneratorMetaData

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    public class TableGeneratorMetaData
    extends MetaData
    Representation of the MetaData of a TableGenerator (JPA).
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    • Field Detail

      • name

        protected final String name
        Name under which this table generator is known.
      • tableName

        protected String tableName
        Name of the table to use for sequences
      • catalogName

        protected String catalogName
        Name of the catalog to use for the table
      • schemaName

        protected String schemaName
        Name of the schema to use for the table
      • pkColumnName

        protected String pkColumnName
        Name of the primary-key column name
      • valueColumnName

        protected String valueColumnName
        Name of the value column name
      • pkColumnValue

        protected String pkColumnValue
        Name of the primary-key column value
      • initialValue

        protected long initialValue
        Initial value in the table.
      • allocationSize

        protected long allocationSize
        Allocation size for ids from the table.