Class FrequentlyAccessedProperties

  • public class FrequentlyAccessedProperties
    extends Object
    Class for providing faster access to properties that are rarely set but often read.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FrequentlyAccessedProperties

        public FrequentlyAccessedProperties()
    • Method Detail

      • setDefaults

        public void setDefaults​(FrequentlyAccessedProperties defaults)
        Set default properties that are read when property is not defined in this instance
        defaults - Default properties
      • setProperty

        public void setProperty​(String property,
                                Object value)
        Tries to set the property value for any of the "frequent" properties.
        property - prop name
        value - The value of the property
      • getReachabilityAtCommit

        public Boolean getReachabilityAtCommit()
      • getDetachOnClose

        public Boolean getDetachOnClose()
      • getDetachAllOnCommit

        public Boolean getDetachAllOnCommit()
      • getLevel2CacheStoreMode

        public String getLevel2CacheStoreMode()
      • getLevel2CacheRetrieveMode

        public String getLevel2CacheRetrieveMode()
      • getSerialiseRead

        public Boolean getSerialiseRead()
      • getOptimisticTransaction

        public Boolean getOptimisticTransaction()