Class StoreManagerHelper

  • public class StoreManagerHelper
    extends Object
    Helper methods for StoreManager operations.
    • Constructor Detail

      • StoreManagerHelper

        public StoreManagerHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • createStoreManagerForProperties

        public static StoreManager createStoreManagerForProperties​(Map<String,​Object> props,
                                                                   Map<String,​Object> datastoreProps,
                                                                   ClassLoaderResolver clr,
                                                                   NucleusContext nucCtx)
        Method to create a StoreManager based on the specified properties passed in.
        props - The overall persistence properties
        datastoreProps - Persistence properties to apply to the datastore
        clr - ClassLoader resolver
        nucCtx - NucleusContext
        The StoreManager
        NucleusUserException - if impossible to create the StoreManager (not in CLASSPATH?, invalid definition?)