Class SCOListIterator<E>

  • Type Parameters:
    E - Type of element in the List
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Iterator<E>, ListIterator<E>

    public class SCOListIterator<E>
    extends Object
    implements ListIterator<E>
    An iterator for a SCO List object. Operates from either a delegate or a backing store, and provides iteration through the objects.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SCOListIterator

        public SCOListIterator​(List<E> sco,
                               DNStateManager sm,
                               List<E> theDelegate,
                               ListStore<E> theStore,
                               boolean useDelegate,
                               int startIndex)
        Constructor taking the delegate or backing store, and any start index.
        sco - Owner SCO
        sm - StateManager of SCO List to iterate
        theDelegate - The delegate list
        theStore - The backing store (connected to the DB)
        useDelegate - whether to use a delegate
        startIndex - The start index position (any value below 0 will mean start at index 0).